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Batwoman #23 hits stands on August 21. Jim did an amazing job with the cover, as always. The issue itself features a pretty surreal sequence, and the cover captures that tone perfectly. Fever


Just thought I’d post some of the cover art for upcoming issues. Issue 5 is the last issue in the first arc, “Hydrology.” Amy Reeder comes on board as artist for Arc 2 which is, in many ways, a continuation of the story (and thus continues the water theme in its title “To Drown the World”). Click to enlarge.

Batwoman #4 comes out next Wednesday! As “Hydrology” nears its conclusion, we pick up right where we left off last issue, with Flamebird about to make her heroic return to crime-fighting.  We also introduce a new villain, reveal more about the Weeping Woman’s origins, and continue to evolve Kate and Maggie’s relationship. And we get to show Batwoman doing some actual detective work! DC has released a few preview pages, which I’m re-posting here. Click to enlarge.


Looks like Batwoman #1 was the #17 comic book in September, and issue #2 climbed two spots to #15 in October! Here’s hoping that Issue #3 cracks the top 10… Below you’ll find a few preview pages (the first is the cover, followed by Page 1, then we jump ahead a few pages, skipping a really creepy encounter with the Weeping Woman…) As always, click to enlarge.



Just a reminder that Batwoman #1 comes out this Wednesday. I’ll be signing a few copies at Blue Moon Comics early that afternoon. And there’s a new interview up at Broken Frontier.

A few two-page spreads have been making the rounds as well, which I’ve reposted below for those who missed them:


More Batwoman

Only a few more weeks until the September 14th release of Batwoman #1! As part of the “New 52” initiative, I did an interview with DC’s official blog — the Source — last week. Read it here (though I mostly just talk about Bernie Wrightson). Be sure to read Jim’s interview as well.

And below is the cover to issue #3… Click to enlarge. Enjoy!


Originally released by DC’s blog, The Source, as part of comic con… A two-page spread from early in Issue #1. Batwoman vs. The Weeping Woman! Click to enlarge.

The final issue of Darth Vader & The Lost Command will be on shelves this Wednesday (5/25). Last issue saw Vader betrayed, ambushed, set on fire, and left chained up to face his past in the bowels of an alien cathedral. In Issue 5, Vader has to dig deep to escape his captors and finish his mission to find Moff Tarkin’s son… In the preview below, Vader finally confronts Captain Shale during his search for Garoche Tarkin and the Lady Saro.

Again, the entire art crew (Rich Leonardi on pencils; inker Daniel Green; colorist Wes Dzioba; and letterer Michael Heisler) has done a fantastic job, and Tsuneo Sanda’s cover is stellar.

You can pick up Darth Vader & The Lost Command #5 at your local comic book shop or order from TFAW.


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FCBD Teaser

As always, Free Comic Book Day was a blast. Blue Moon has posted a few pics here.

Along with signing a bunch of our own stuff, Michael Stribling and I were also scribbling on a special print that he produced based on a setting and characters I’ve been kicking around for a while. Currently codenamed “The Dark Divide,” I’m working on bringing the world to life in several arenas: One of our current projects at Fearless Studios is a prototype of core gameplay inspired by the concept; I just wrapped up the rough draft of Chapter 11 of a novel; and Cedrick (my Fearless co-founder) and I are discussing funding for a comic book limited series or graphic novel.

The image below is a teaser with early concepts for two of the (probably way too large) cast. The version we signed had some text on it, but none of the logos are final, so I’ve opted to post the unadulterated version here (mostly so I could type “unadulterated”). Click on the image to enlarge (but be warned; the final image is pretty big…).

Without going into virtually ANY detail on the concept or characters, I will say that I love the semi-transparent tentacles… And, I’ll mention that we’re really working hard to make these characters as iconic as possible – hence the big green goggles on the gunslinger in the foreground. We’re not completely there yet, but it’s coming along. Any feedback is welcome!

The series is racing towards the finale… Preview pages posted over at Dark Horse replicated below. Click for full glory. I love the tagline on the cover…

Pick it up tomorrow (4/27) at Blue Moon Comics and other fine retailers, or online at TFAW.