Crossing the Dark Divide

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The Irons Is Available!

Madefire posted the first installment of The Irons: Hybrids today on iOS. Co-created with Gary Erskine, The Irons is a fusion of sci-fi and horror. Blade Runner meets Se7en, set on a quarantined slum planet where everyone dreams of only one thing: escape. The first story, “Hybrids,” focuses on Leto, a cop tracking down a serial killer who commandeers ubiquitous teleportation machines to kidnap and kill his victims in gruesome fashion. Today’s release is the first “episode” of the motion book, introducing our narrator and the killer himself.

The Irons is my first comic book story set in a wholly original universe, and probably the longest self-contained story I’ve written. It’s also among the most rewarding projects I’ve ever worked on, in part because we’re embarking into new territory with motion books and the story-telling possibilities. And, as I’ve found with everything I’ve ever done, this effort has relied on a talented team to bring it to you: aside from the legendary Gary Erskine, we have brilliant colors by Yel Zamor; music by Ali Powers; crack editorial and creative guidance from Liam Sharp; letterers Joe Costello and Kevin Wong patiently handling last-minute script changes; and a group of alchemist engineers at Madefire (Eugene Walden, Ross McFarland, Matthew Chung, and Dan Weeks). Thanks to everyone involved.

Cover to The Irons: Hybrids. Art by Erskine and Zamor.


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